1Why Avani Cassava bag is different from a plastic bag?
The bag is compostable and bio-degradable. It is made mainly from cassava starch and contains zero petroleum-based components, so it won’t break down into microplastics.
2What is the bag for?
It can be used as a replacement for conventional plastic bags to carry dry goods.
3Can I reuse the bag?
Yes, we suggest using it as many times as possible.
4How long is the shelf-life?
Up to 2 years if stored in its original-sealed protective PE packing. Once the PE packing is opened, the shelf life of cassava bags shortens to less than 1 year when stored in ideal storage conditions.
5How to store it?
Since the bag is made from natural materials, proper storage is important. Keep the bag in the original packaging when not in use. Store inside a closed container and at a normal room temperature, avoid high humidity and direct contact with sunlight, air conditioner, and water.
6How to dispose it?
Our bags are also able to dissolve in roughly 80 degrees hot water. However, the best end-of-life is to compost. We can compost in our own backyard or simply use the Takakura home composting method. It will take around 180 days to decompose, depending on the condition of the composting setup. In its worst-case scenario, if the bags end up in landfills, they will eventually be bio-degraded in months without harming the environment since the bags don't contain any plastic.
7Can I customize the cassava bag?
Absolutely. Whether you want to make it loud or keep it neutral, we can help you customize the bags to bring your brand to life.
8What is the printing ink made from?
The ink is alcohol-based and heavy metal-free.
9What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
You can purchase Avani generic cassava bag (non-customized) as small as one pack, or 50-200 pieces depending on the type and size. For custom bags, the MOQ is from 10.000 pieces depending on bag specification.


1Why is Avani paper cup different from a regular paper cup?
Avani paper cup/bowl is FSC certified and made from renewable and non-toxic materials. It does not contain plastic and the inner part is lined with corn-starch, instead of plastics. So, it won’t degrade into microplastics.
2How long is the shelf life?
Avani paper cup and bowl can last up to 12-18 months if handled and stored properly.
3How to store it?
Please store it in a clean, non-humid room and avoid direct sunlight. The room temperature should be less than 40℃.
4Is it compostable?
Yes, Avani paper cups and bowls are compostable in an industrial composting facility.
5Is it heat resistant?
The Paper cups and bowls have great resistance to heat up to 80 degrees Celcius but it do not withstand the extreme heat of microwave and oven.
6 Can I customize the design?
Yes! We can help you with custom design to match your brand personality and level up your campaign through our creative. You can share your idea and your logo, we will provide suggestions and do design retouch. The MOQ is from 3,000 - 50,000 depending on the complexity.
7Can I customize the size?
Yes! Please consult with our sales representative whether the desired size is available.


1What makes Avani Paper Straw different?
It is FSC certified. The paper is responsibly sourced. With so many types of paper straws on the market, it's critical to know where the paper comes from. it’s important to ensure our forests aren't irrevocably destroyed in the process. This is why we choose FSC certified paper as it ensures that both the environment and communities were protected.
2How long is the shelf life?
The Paper straws can last up to 12 months if handled and stored properly
3Is it heat resistant?
The paper straws can withstand temperatures up to 50 degrees Celcius.
4How long can it hold up in drinks?
The paper straws can be used up to 45 minutes -1 hour in drinks
5Can I customize the design?
Yes! you customize based on your need. The MOQ is 100,000 without a wrapper, and 300,000 with a wrapper
6How to store it?
Please store it in a room with air humidity below 60%, and keep it out of direct sunlight
7Is it reusable?
We suggest using it only once due to hygiene reasons


1What is it made from?
It is made entirely from renewable resources, which is the dry fibrous residue left of sugarcane. Through our technology, we have been able to turn waste into worth. Plus it takes less energy to make and produce lesser carbon emission.
2How long is the shelf life?
The bagasse box can last up to 24 months if stored properly.
3How to store Bagasse box?
Please store in a room where the temperature is not lower than 5 ℃, not higher than 40 ℃, and relative humidity is less than 80%.
4What about the end of life?
Unlike styrofoam, the used Bagasse box can biodegrade in natural conditions and can be composted using the home composting method. Simply discard by burying with other organic materials and we will become soil within months, depending on the condition of the composting setup.
5Can I put hot and oily content in the box?
Yes, you can put hot and oily content in the box.
6Can I put liquid in the box?
Food with a small amount of liquid is fine. However, it is not recommended for food with a lot of liquid in the box, for example, soup.
7Can I put the box in the microwave or fridge?
Yes, it is a microwave and fridges safe
8Can I customize the design and color?
Unfortunately not. While the box comes in a relative default form, we can add an additional wrapper with your brand design.
9Can I customize the size?
Yes, please consult with our sales team please consult with our Sales representative whether your requested size is available for customization


1What is it made from?
It is made from renewable and non-toxic resources, commonly known as cornstarch
2What ingredient is used for the printing ink?
Water-based color paste.
3How long is the shelf life?
The PLA products can last up to 6-12 months if handled and stored properly.
4Can it be used for holding hot contents?
No, PLA cups and bowls are suitable for cold drinks and able to hold up to only 50 degrees Celcius.
5Can I customize the design?
It depends on the design, please consult with our sales team.
6How to store PLA products?
Please store it in a clean, non-humid room, at temperatures below 30°C. Keep out of direct sunlight. Humidity will also have an impact on the product’s durability. It must be less than 70%.
7What about the end-of-life of PLA products?
The used PLA cups/bowls/lids are compostable in industrial composting facilities.


1How to purchase within Indonesia?
We are available on Shopee, Tokopedia and Lazada. You can also talk to our domestic sales representatives for consultation and custom orders. Please visit the ‘contact’ page for contact details.
2Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do ship worldwide. Please find our international sales representative’s contact information on the ‘contact’ page.
3Can I be your distributor?
Yes, please contact our sales representative for further assistance For domestic sales, please email [email protected] For international sales, please email [email protected]
4I am interested in manufacturing cassava bags, can I be your partner?
Yes, we have exclusive manufacturing partners in several countries. We will also help you with machine installation and training to produce the same standard and quality as Avani’s. Please submit your info and company profile here.