November 2017
News / 24 November 2017 
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News / 09 November 2017 
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News / 01 November 2017 
AVANI at EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum
When talking about solutions for sustainable food production, there are several factors that need to be considered, which are the interrelatedness between food and agriculture, health and nutrition, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic factors. This complexity is making it difficult to...
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October 2017
News / 29 October 2017 
Jokowi Found Avani’s Concept Interesting
During a Youth Pledge Day event held on October 28, 2017 at the Bogor Presidential Palace, the Chairman of Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF) Indonesia, Mr. Triawan Munaf, introduced Avani Eco to President Joko Widodo. “I am frustrated,” said Kevin Kumala,...
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News / 22 October 2017 
Bekerjasama dengan Majalah Grazia Indonesia, Avani berkolaborasi dengan Purana, Cotton Ink dan Kle hadirkan 12 busana terbuat dari bio-plastik di ajang Jakarta Fashion Week 2018.   Jakarta, 22 Oktober 2017 – Mulai dari outer wear hingga dress, Avani bekerjasama dengan Majalah Grazia...
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News / 09 October 2017 
Guess, What We Found at #AVANIBEACHCLEANUP ?
Mertasari beach looks so clean as far as the eye can reach but do you believe in just one hour, we collected up to 80 kilos of waste? Surprisingly yes! Garbage of all kinds was found along the beach, such...
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September 2017
News / 04 September 2017 
"From Waste to Worth" Is Now in Unstoppable Demand
Since pioneering bio-poncho in 2014, then expand to 48 variations of products, Avani is growing bigger due to a high increase in demand from Domestic and International markets. Therefore, we are currently reassessing our stock inventories, system, and commercial team....
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August 2017
News / 29 August 2017 
Avani with Make A Change World Paddle Along in One of The Most Polluted River in The World
Unlimited waste like an endless universe and dark black water with a pungent odor make few people want to explore this place. In the past, it had triumphed, but now, it became a threat. Welcome to Citarum River!   Nearly 30 million...
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News / 27 August 2017 
Kevin Kumala, One of the Ten Outstanding Young Person
The Co-founder and Chief Green Officer of Avani Eco, Kevin Kumala, was awarded the title Environmental Entrepreneur for the Scientific and Technological Development category by the Junior Chamber International (JCI) during the “Ten Outstanding Young Person Award (TOYP)” event held...
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News / 18 August 2017 
Avani Office in Jakarta
After 3 years in Bali, we've made the leap. Now we're in Jakarta too!  We are pleased to announce the opening of our office in Jakarta. This office will enable us to provide better services to our stakeholders, especially those in Jakarta,...
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